Speak UP! Spoken Word, Poetry & Comedy @ The Dalston

Every first Monday of the month we are hosting a spoken word night at The Dalston for all you creative and passionate voices out there. Poetry is the best outlet to process emotions and move on with dignity past events. Poetry is the first step in writing lyrics for any song, especially in rap music, which stands for Rhythm and Poetry, so every singer and writer is in the same boat to create music or something meaningful.

The Frozen Cocktail Club wants to create a night for all to shout emotions into the void and make your thoughts and feelings known in the world, we have the microphone and stage for you. Everyone starts somewhere, and we want to be that starting place for poets and comics alike every Monday.

We provide the microphones and drinks of courage for you to take the stage and be heard. At the frozen cocktail club we recognize not everyone has a space to be heard, so we’ll hand you a microphone to be heard - doesn’t matter if your audience is strangers or someone you really want to hear your emotions, we are here to help you give you that platform.

O come down to The Dalston every Monday for the true stories of people out there, who want to be heard, because we all have a story in us that deserves to be heard; and we are proud to give you that opportunity.

Whether you are on a hen night, having a night with your girl squad, or just enjoying your single life, all ladies are welcome to our Dalston bar for one of the best nights in a while.

With amazing food and drinks deals, The Dalston is where you want to be, every other Thursday. With platters of tequila rose shots, buy one get one free frozen cocktails, and pitchers, we have a truly great selection of drinks and offers you won’t want to miss. On top of that, our Tapas menu is no joke on ladies night, with every fourth plate you buy free, you can indulge in all our menu favorites like (pulled pork nachos, macaroni and cheese balls, and cauliflower wings as well as others) all night long with your girlfriends. So come down every other Thursday for a night you won't forget, for the memories with your girls to the amazing food and drinks you’ll receive, The Frozen cocktail Club welcomes you. Book Now X

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