The Frozen Cocktail Club │About That New Kid On The Block

Fancy a childhood sweet treat, with an adult twist? Mix the perfect summery sweet slushie

with a shot or two of your favorite spirits. Down at The Frozen Cocktail Club Brick Lane happiness is guaranteed with our signature frozen cocktails.

The frozen cocktail club is the new kid on the block for bars across London. With signature

cocktails to die for, at these bars, it’s hard to refuse these new frozen cocktails. Unlike the

strong standard cocktails you’re use to like Manhattans and Margaritas, the frozen cocktail

make drinking more bearable and fun. These drinks don’t only taste amazing but look so

beautiful, it’s hard not snap a pic for the gram.

From a Fruity Godfather to Tranquility, the perfect frozen cocktail awaits you. Expertly

blended cocktails are always served with a smile from the staff, making the experience even

more enjoyable.

Though it may be winter, 2020 has given us all an excuse to break social expectations; from

video calls to underwear, to being a local hero from the sofa; who says you can’t have

slushie in winter? Even if a frozen cocktail doesn’t sound appealing this time of year, not to

worry, we have hot coffees to be paired with sweet treats by our resident baker Juliette's Liquor Cakes who won our bake-off competition earlier this year. It’s hard to say no for a hit of nostalgia with a kick.

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