The Frozen Cocktail Club │Christmas Eve Soup Kitchen

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

This year The Frozen Cocktail Club is in the giving spirit. On Christmas eve, we are opening our doors to the less fortunate this time of year, for a free hot meal and any donations the community may send us. We are working to provide a safe space and bring some festive cheer around for everyone who attends.

Food will be provided and we will keep the area clean and safe for all, we are just looking to give something back, even when so much has been taken; from not just us but, everyone this year. Everyone's lost something this year, from holidays to family time. We can neglect our first world, take a step back, and appreciate that we still have a roof over our head and food in our cupboards. So join us at the Frozen Cocktail Bar and support the community and bar by volunteering your time, which there is lots of in Tier 4, and help us give something we have so much of to those who have so little.

We are also hoping for some volunteers, who may be interested in donating clothing, gloves, hats and tinned food for anyone who shows up in need. Anyone can come and serve, and stay as long as they want from 12pm-4pm and bring some joy to those who need it most at Christmas, as this is the season to give.

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